Jewelry Laser Spot Welder

author:admin source: date:2019/3/11 11:39:15

Jewelry Laser Spot Welder

 The Aohua jewelry laser spot welder is widely used in the welding of the following products: electrical components, batteries, electrodes, weld socket connectors, motor covers, connecting lines, integrated circuits, clocks, small stamping parts and castings, and jewelry.


Max. laser power220W400W
Laser wavelength1064nm1064nm
Max. energy per pulse90J110J
Pulse width0.2-10ms0.2-10ms
Continous welding frequency0.5-20HZ0.5-20HZ
Range of adjustable facula size0.2-2mm0.2-2mm
Control systemmicro-computermicro-computer
Power consumption≤9KW≤11KW
Repetition accuracy±0.01mm±0.01mm
Electrical connection220V±10%/50HZ/30A220V±10%/50HZ/30A

● The jewelry laser spot welder is assembled with internationally known components, adopts an ergonomic design, and is extremely durable.
● The machine also has advantages such as easy control, stability, and low error rates.
● Application of the cross cursor special microscope observation system carried high-speed electronic filter not only enables operators to maximize precision but also protect their eyes.
● Additionally, the size of the welding spot can be randomly adjusted without worrying about the appearance of the welding seam.

The laser welder can be used to weld the following non-metal and metal parts:
● Gold jewelry repair laser welding
● Electronic components laser welding
● Lithium battery laser welding
● Mobile phone parts laser welding
● Precision connector laser welding