High Precision YAG Laser Punch Cutting Machine

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High Precision YAG Laser Punch Cutting Machine

The high precision YAG laser punch cutting machine is widely used in fields such as electronic components, electrical appliances, jewelry, glasses, hardware, auto parts, communication products, plastic buttons and IC. It also used for metal, alloy and oxides, ABS, epoxy resin, and printing ink.



Model AHL-C200 AHL-C400 AHL-C600
Max. average power of laser output200W400W600W
Laser wavelength1064nm1064nm1064nm
Laser repetition rate0.02mm0.02mm0.02mm
Energy instability≤2%≤2%≤2%
Mini. Cut line width0.1mm0.15mm0.2mm
Max. cut speed≤600mm/min(depends on materials)≤600mm/min(depends on materials)≤600mm/min(depends on materials)
Max. cut thick0.2-1.5mm0.2-3mm0.2-6mm
Continuous working time≥20hrs≥20hrs≥20hrs
Max. cutting widthCustomizedCustomizedCustomized
Repeat positioning accuracy of X,Y & Z±0.02mm±0.02mm±0.02mm
Power requirement220V±10%/50HZ(60HZ optional)/30A380V±10%/50HZ(60HZ optional)/30A380V±10%/50HZ(60HZ optional)/30A
Control systemPCPCPC
Positioning systemRed light (CCD optional)Red light (CCD optional)Red light (CCD optional)

●  The high precision YAG laser punch cutting machine uses an industrial PC control system that can operate both manually and automatically.
●  This machine uses a solid-state laser to ensure low usage and maintenance costs.
●  It punches small holes (0.1mm) on thin sheets, and if using a servo system, the holes are even more precise. With an open design, the machine is easy to operate, even for large projects.
●  A protection and scram device are also equipped on the laser punch cutting machine to ensure user safety.