Fiber laser cutting machine

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Fiber laser cutting machine

Model AHL-FB3015-500

Fiber Laser Cutting MachineApplication

AOHUA's fiber laser cutting machine is an automatically operated machine that uses both a laser and digital control technology design to ensure the highly efficient, low cost, safe and stable performance.

 Fiber laser cutting machines can be used to cut and punch metal sheet and tubing such as stainless steel plates, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, aluminum, silver, copper, and titanium. Within the sheet metal and hardware industry, this cutting machine is widely used to partially replace punch and wire cutting equipment in order to create art work, medical instrument parts, springs and more.


Laser wavelength1070nm
Maximum average power of laser output500W
Laser repetition rateCW
Energy instability≤2%
Minimum cut line width0.2mm(below 0.4mm)
Maximum cut speed≤14m/min (depends on material)
Maximum cut thick≤5mm(carbon steel); ≤4mm(unstained steel)
Continuous working time≥20 h
Maximum cutting widthY; 3000mm, X: 1500mm, Z: 80mm
Mechanical accuracy of table±0.03mm/m
Repeat positioning accuracy of X, Y and Z±0.02mm
Power requirementThree phase five wire alternating current 380V±5%,50Hz±1%
Mesa bearing600KG
Equipment weight (estimated value)5000KG

  ●     Our fiber laser cutting machine uses an industrial PC control system that is operated easily in both automatic and manual functions.
 ●      It also utilizes a solid state laser to lower usage and maintenance costs.
 ●      This machine is capable of punching small holes (0.15mm) on thin sheets, and if using a servo system, the holes reach an even higher precision. With an open design, the laser cutting machine is easy to operate, even if cutting large objects.
 ●     A protection and scram device are both equipped to ensure user safety.